Matrix secures Lewisham and Southwark Councils

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We are delighted to announce our successful bid for both Lewisham and Southwark Councils, following an extensive three-month tender process. The recent victories underscore Matrix’s commitment to expanding its presence in the Southeast London region and strengthening their position as a trusted partner for local government organisations.

Recognising the need to fill vacant council roles with local talent, Southwark Council has partnered with Matrix to target qualified candidates for administrative vacancies as part of their Southwark Works employability initiative. This collaboration aims to bridge the gap between job seekers and opportunities within the council, fostering economic growth and empowerment within the community.

The separate pitches presented to each council showcased Matrix’s unrivalled expertise in providing tailored solutions to meet their specific requirements. Southwark Council, which currently allocates £41 million to temporary labour, was particularly impressed by Matrix’s talent pool and Milestone solutions.

Milestone, one of Matrix’s flagship offerings, combines an intuitive technology platform with specialised expertise in various sectors. This unique approach enables clients to design customised solutions that maximize the impact of public funding, leading to improved outcomes for the community.

Ben Plant, HR director at Southwark Council, expressed his satisfaction with Matrix’s commitment to social value in their pitch, stating, “Social Value is high on the agenda at Southwark Council, and Matrix delivered a commitment to this in their pitch. The fact that Matrix developed a bespoke Social Value action plan that aligned perfectly with our agenda impressed the team.”

Courtney Richards, at Lewisham Council, highlighted Matrix’s supply chain flexibility as a key factor in their decision, emphasising the benefits of retaining long-term incumbent agreements. This strategic advantage offered by Matrix ensures a seamless transition while delivering effective solutions tailored to the unique needs of Lewisham Council.

Matrix is proud to have been selected by Lewisham and Southwark Councils as their trusted partner in driving positive change within their communities. These partnerships exemplify Matrix’s ongoing commitment to providing innovative workforce solutions that drive economic growth, social value, and efficiency for local government organisations.

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