Matrix Workforce: Agency Staffing Solutions

Discover workforce staffing solutions and manage your workers effectively so they can deliver meaningful outcomes to their customers. With 25+ years of experience and 99.6% fulfilment rates, we combine the best technology with a human touch to improve your workforce management.

No more stress or feeling out of control.

Our managed workforce solutions make you better at your job.


Market-leading workforce agency supplier


Streamline recruitment and get the right person in the right role, quickly. Using a combination of people, processes and industry-leading technology, you’ll recruit strong, diverse workers whilst reducing costs.


Feel empowered to connect the right people with the right job safely:


  • Agency staff
  • Temporary staff
  • Interim staff


Make better hiring and retention decisions.

Industry-leading workforce staffing solutions


We offer market-leading workforce staffing solutions and hybrid models.


Get the following benefits:


  • 100% worker compliance before placement starts
  • 99.6% fulfilment rate to client-specified timeframes
  • Greater control & transparency with reduced workforce risks
  • Consistency of supply that’s flexible to your business as it grows or changes
  • Cost-control and savings without any bias


Workforce management features


Real-time auditing & reports


With real-time data analytics and intelligent reporting tools, you’ll gain valuable insights into labour costs, workforce productivity and other key performance metrics.


Cloud-hosted workforce technology


Our in-house developed proprietary workforce management technology connects you to thousands of recruitment agencies in the UK without bias. Available as a mobile or web-based app, keep track of attendance and schedules anytime, anywhere.


Powerful scheduling


Create and manage employee shift schedules to remove the risk of under or over servicing. Keep the service levels just right.


Accurate forecasting


With historical data and predictive behaviour analytics, you can forecast labour and adjust your workforce demand without hassle.


Time & attendance tracking


Record and monitor employee work hours, breaks and overtime with an automated tracking process that keeps things running smoothly.


Adapts to your business


Every business is different. We understand there’s no one-size-fits-all approach, so you’ll have a human point of contact at all times who understands your business needs.


Unlike other service providers, we aren’t affiliated with any recruitment agencies and only bring you workforce staffing solutions that are suited to your business needs.


Take the next step


Let’s streamline your recruitment processes, boost efficiency and reduce spending on agency staff. Talk to us today about how our workforce staffing solutions can help you. Enjoy better processes, less stress, and meet your targets with ease.


Explore more Matrix workforce services


Our managed workforce solutions integrate into other areas of HR, such as payroll for optimum expense tracking.




What industries is Matrix Workforce for?


All of them! From the public to private sector, we serve all industries in the UK.
Whether you work in:


  • HR
  • Procurement
  • Compliance


Integrate our managed workforce solutions into your operations to streamline your tasks and make your job easier.