Connecting People to Work

Our passion and purpose at Matrix is to ‘Connect people to work’. We firmly believe that the more people we can help connect to employment the bigger positive impact we can have on the economy and the environment around us and at the same time the communities and clients we serve.


Who are we?


Matrix is a leading provider of workforce management solutions that aims to revolutionise the way employers attract, recruit, and manage their indirect workforce. With a strong focus on innovation and expertise in people management, we offer a range of market-leading workforce technologies and streamlined processes to address the challenges associated with managing a diverse and ever-changing workforce.


Managing such a workforce comes with its challenges, and we understand this well. We offer personalised solutions that cater to the specific needs of our clients. By ensuring compliance with regulations, streamlining information flow, and enabling efficient workforce management, we provide clients with greater visibility and control, resulting in industry-leading fulfilment rates.


Our purpose is simple, we want to connect people to work.



A fully managed neutral vendor service which delivers employers recruitment supply chains and systems for hiring and managing contingent workers.

Where organisations can buy and manage statement of work, consultancy and professional services projects.

Helping organisations build a pool of pre-screened, prospective workers who have indicated a desire to work with them.

Creating smarter employment screening solutions for clients, candidates and employees across the globe.

Our leading proprietary platform which automates and manages every step of the temporary worker hiring process.

Provides payment and compliance services for organisations who hire contingent workers.

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Matrix gives you the opportunity to supply temporary, interim, permanent and consultant labour to organisations across the UK.


Suppliers can enrol to our bespoke supply chains to gain access to opportunities across an extensive and ever-growing client base, nationwide.


Orders are released directly from our online system that is streamlined, intuitive and easy to use, fully supported by our dedicated Supplier Engagement team.


Our genuinely neutral vendor approach creates a level playing field that is fair to everyone and we perpetually monitor performance to regularly evaluate all suppliers giving those who deliver the best service being rewarded with greater access to opportunities.


What our clients have to say

Westminster appointed Matrix because they provide the best of both worlds, a systems-driven approach that can drive efficiency, supported by a senior account manager and an onsite support manager who brings a…

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Matrix deliver Cardiff Council a Neutral Vendor Managed Service Provision which supports the Council with transparency, cost control, short notice requirements and many other benefits. Matrix deliver a number of job categories…

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It was important that the collaborative group of Local Authorities had access to an MI report that provided meaningful, accurate data.  Matrix worked with us over a period of time to achieve…

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The move to Matrix as a Vendor Neutral Managed Service, enabled our back-office functions to use their technology to help with a range of objectives.  We now have full view of the…

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Thank you Siobhan for delivering this very useful and beneficial workshop to the apprentices.  Even in a challenging time you were able to adapt and bring some positivity over the misery we…

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The implementation process was very professional and managed extremely well, we were updated at every step of the way.  The transition has also been smooth, with very little queries from our Hiring…

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