Matrix Security Watchdog was founded on a reputation for excellence and expertise, operating as the world’s most trusted screening provider for 25 years, and counting…


We are the industry leader and subject matter expert in all areas of global background checking, pre-employment screening, criminal record checks and risk consultancy services.


Our mission is to develop smarter screening solutions for our portfolio of global clients. We have an unrivalled range of global pre-employment screening solutions, offering background checks of every kind for every industry.


What do we do?

At Security Watchdog, we proudly stand on the frontline of the fight against the criminal activities that infiltrate businesses and lives around the world. Our solutions are built to stop fraudsters, terrorists, and criminals at large, whose intents stand to cause harm to people and organisations. We understand the sensitivities our clients face when in the hiring process, and the weight of what it means when people fall through the cracks and into the wrong places. 


We empower our clients to make the best decisions for their business and for their teams, through our design of resilient, comprehensive, and innovative screening solutions. We listen to the real-time challenges our customers and their candidates face, and we act to creating something faster, better, and smarter. We save them money, time, and most of all protect their reputation within their markets, helping them scale and succeed with a Whitehat repute. 


We also know that our ability to do that successfully is entirely underpinned by our incredible teams, and the passion and expertise they bring to our business. By making room for our people to grow, learn and feel supported in their journeys, we are able to stay at the forefront of screening technology and our solutions.


By advancing ourselves, our people, our knowledge, our screening solutions, we help our clients, and their candidates advance themselves too. 

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