Matrix is our proprietary, in-house developed, cloud hosted and web-based technology platform that enables our service. It connects our customers to thousands of recruitment agents across the UK and is available as SAAS (Software as a Service) enables our customers to:


  • Define job descriptions and associated vacancies for contingent staff requirements
  • Supports rota based role needs, e.g. care and logistics sectors
  • Enables simple vacancy approval models, through to more complex needs of larger customers
  • Ensures 100% compliance with Right To Work checks and also customer specific needs
  • Provides detailed operational reporting along with data insights from our separate analysis tool


The platform supports more than 100 large customers today, some with over 100k full time employees that require significant numbers of contingent workers too. We support local authorities, to care homes to retail as well as other sectors.


We have over 100k users with hundreds of new roles being required every week. The platform, in conjunction with our associated customer success team and extensive network of recruitment agencies, means that we can be your partner of choice for temporary recruitment needs if you want to have great visibility and control of your recruitment spend as well as achieve market leading fulfilment rates.



Matrix is a trading division of Matrix SCM Ltd (Company No 02227962)

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