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Matrix is a neutral vend managed service provider. Through our people, processes and technology we streamline and automate the processes that organisations use to engage agency, temporary and contingent staff.

This means we have no affiliation to any recruitment agency. Unlike other managed service providers or master vendors we don’t own a recruitment agency nor do we have any vested interest with any recruitment agencies.

The Master Vendor model involves a single lead agency that is charged with filling the requirements first. Often its only when this lead agency is unable to fill a role that a wider, pre-selected supply chain – itself managed by the lead agency – will be invited to source candidates. The lead agency, which has a vested interest in its own success throughout the contract, will submit its own candidates in the first instance, even if those further along its supply chain are more suitable for the role.

True Neutral Vendor providers have no affiliation to, or ownership of, any recruitment agency. The Neutral Vendor approach introduces fair, open and transparent competition in to the marketplace which ultimately provides better quality candidates at the best market price. Our vendor neutral model promotes inclusive competition and technology-enabled supplier responsiveness.

We are delivering our customers an average annual cashable saving of 11% on their agency staffing spend. Customers who have never had a managed service solution in place can expect to achieve even greater savings each year.

We offer a bespoke implementation experience that typically takes 10 – 12 weeks, ensuring our customers experience a seamless transition onto our programme.

Yes. Clients are able to utilise our ‘Software as a Service’ offering. You simply license Matrix cr.net rather than purchase it.