Matrix Milestone: Managed Procurement & Supply Chain Service

Choose Matrix Milestone – an industry-leading managed procurement and supply chain service. Combining our adaptable technology and human expertise with 25+ years of experience, let’s set up milestones and manage your projects, events and competitions with ease.



Procurement platform features


Our procurement and supply chain platform lets you work with sector specialists who use their expertise to improve outcomes, offer greater control and reduce spending.


Make managing your project a breeze – no matter how simple or complex.


Category management​


Access fully accredited suppliers across 27 categories and 360 sub-categories. Get expert support with specification development, supplier identification and tender evaluation.


Strategic sourcing


Source reliable, quality suppliers across all categories of spend, project size, scope and complexity. We’ll only source suppliers that align with your company’s goals.

Contract management


Ensure that contracts are properly drafted, reviewed and adhered to. This reduces the chance of disputes and results in better long-term outcomes 


Efficient procurement management platform


Use our technology’s automation to reduce errors and increase efficiency. Smoother transactions are a win-win for all parties.


Mini competitions & events


Run mini competitions within 14 days (and/or Direct Award projects) and save up to 19%. Our supply chain management will oversee the procurement and delivery of equipment, goods and any services needed for your event. 


Reporting & methodologies


Benefit from powerful reporting and market-leading methodologies. Monitor KPI performance, identify areas of improvement and make adjustments for optimal results every time.



Benefits of our Milestone models


  • Deliver agreed outcomes that fulfil and exceed your project’s targets
  • Get structured plans with a clear timeline and organised deliverables
  • Drive social value with ethical procurement practice
  • Control costs and manage risks (don’t worry about unexpected costs)
  • Improve supplier relationships with clear, centralised communication 


Who is Matrix Milestone for?


All industries – from public and private sectors to construction and councils. Manage your events, projects and competitions with ease.


  • HR Managers
  • HR Directors
  • Compliance Officers
  • Procurement Managers
  • Change Managers
  • Project Managers


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