The Future Looks Squiggly: Rising of the Contingent Workforce

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The UK’s job landscape is evolving, with fewer permanent hires amidst economic uncertainty. So, what are ‘Squiggly Careers’ and why are they an opportunity?

Squiggly Careers are defined as dynamic, non-linear career paths, offering adaptability and growth across industries and for individuals.

A contingent workforce can be defined as individuals who are hired on a temporary or fixed-term contract basis to provide specific services for a specific project or period of time.

Adaptability: Squiggly careers encourage more change offering employees and employers a chance to thrive, through fostering resilience and innovation.

Opportunities: A chance to explore diverse roles for personal and professional growth, empowering individuals and businesses.

Flexibility: Contingent work optimises agility, aligning with market demands.

Collaboration: Skills sharing enhances learning for both temporary and permanent staff.

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