Matrix Umbrella

We offer protection through fair employment contracts, low service fees and a 100% HMRC Compliance guarantee.  By using Matrix Umbrella you enjoy the same benefits as any other employee but have the freedom of being a contractor.

  • 100% Compliance Guarantee – Through complete contractual and management of the end to end chain, we help eliminate compliance risk
  • Competitive Service Fees – Discounted fees being a supplier under Matrix Workforce. Our placements maximise your workers take home pay.
  • Simple Switching Process – Using our existing digital onboarding process – we reduce your administrative effort
  • On-Time Payment Guarantee – We pay you directly with no third party involvement, ensuring you get paid on time (based on time sheet being approved)
  • One Timesheet – We will only require you to complete one timesheet – saving on your time and effort
  • Dedicated Support Professionals – Available to resolve common payroll and HR queries. We genuinely have your best interest in mind


Matrix Umbrella is a trading division of Client Directs Ltd (Company No 08140295)

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