Redefining Recruitment Moving Beyond CVs and Embracing Cultural Fit

Recruitment processes have relied on CVs since the 1950s, though they are now more often in digital format than paper

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Public Sector Contingent Labour Spend rises 20% post pandemic

We have seen our clients grow their investment in temporary and fixed-contract staff by a fifth since the end of

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Second Job Surge

Are employers facing up to the second job surge? Financial pressures are increasingly pushing employees into second jobs. Susie Thomson,

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The Future of Talent Analytics

By embracing big data, HR can deliver talent insights that can add value to business strategies – and grow its

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The Contingent Workforce; a Ticking Time Bomb?

The growing competition for talent globally has highlighted the critical value of the human resource to business success. As the

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Care Leaver Programme secures key funding from Matrix

Matrix funds new course helping young people transition out of childcare Matrix is providing funding for a new adult education

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Security Watchdog completes with Matrix Acquisition

The purchase of Security Watchdog by Matrix completes, uniting their shared mission to connect people to work and deliver faster, better,

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