City of Cardiff Council

We have worked with the City of Cardiff Council since the award of the contract in 2016. Working in partnership with Cardiff meant that we were able to achieve full buy in from the Hiring Managers at the Council. With our service provided we were able to introduce savings to the Council and provide them with high quality workers.

The Problem

The previous incumbent had not made the council feel supported nor did they offer guidance through the ordering process. There was no support with cost control and the incumbent was unable to meet short notice requirements. We found a lack of faith from Hiring Managers which resulted in poor attendance of our training sessions.

The Solution

During implementation we ensured that the Council received the best support available and improved processes which included the systemisation of placement extensions. We also provided real time reports that detailed cost and were capable of meeting their short notice requirements through our platform.

We provided extensive training to Hiring Managers, but also provided an onsite Account Manager to assist them with any requests or issues they had.

The Results

City of Cardiff Council Results

The Outcome

Working in partnership we were able to overcome the initial hurdles and faith was found in our system. By streamlining the process through our software we are able to provide the Council with transparency, realtime reporting, cost savings and a fast fulfilment rate.

“Matrix deliver Cardiff Council a Neutral Vendor Managed Service Provision which supports the Council with transparency, cost control, short notice requirements and many other benefits. Matrix deliver a number of job categories at very short notice for the Council, i.e., within 1-2 hours.


In the previous 12 months Matrix has transacted over 21,000 hours within Hospitality / Operations category at Cardiff Council, delivering a 99% fulfilment rate.


Matrix deliver a number of shift workers with over 40% of Cardiff Council’s annual spend within more low skilled workers and operational shift cover. These requirements are often required within a 24-48-hour time period, Matrix have a 99% fulfilment rate at Cardiff Council.


Since going live with Matrix in 2016 Matrix have delivered savings and efficiencies to Cardiff Council while managing £26,000,000 annually for the authority.”

Shauket Ali | Category Manager, City of Cardiff Council

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