Workplace Safety and the Imperative of Background Screening Regularly

Recent legislation has been introduced to prevent sex offenders from changing their names to evade detection but how can background screening further keep the public safe? Susie Thompson, Matrix COO, writes for Professional Security Magazine

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Why the NHS Fit and Proper person test should be an industry standard

On 30 September the NHS rolled out its ‘fit and proper person test’ (FPPT) framework for vetting top-level executive and

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Unlocking the Potential of a Caring Workforce Plan and Digital Staff Passports in the UKs Care Sector

The National Health Service (NHS) Workforce Plan has been a topic of discussion in recent months, with a pressing need to

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Matrix teams up with The Apprentice Star, Tim Campbell, to support National Interview week

Matrix, is proud to announce its strategic partnership with National Interview Week, a pioneering and early career initiative set to

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Redefining Recruitment Moving Beyond CVs and Embracing Cultural Fit

Recruitment processes have relied on CVs since the 1950s, though they are now more often in digital format than paper

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Matrix Security Watchdog launches innovative Online Vulnerability Assessment

A new screening service has been launched by Matrix Security Watchdog (MSW) combining the expertise of experienced investigative researchers with

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Why digital staff passports are a game-changer

In today’s fast-paced work environment the public sector faces a significant challenge: how to keep staff mobile, interconnected and efficient

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